The German Humanists Day in Nuremberg discusses potential dangers of religions. The panel “Death by Religion” deals with questions such as: Does religion have anything to do with the persecution of those who do not share the same beliefs or convictions? Or is religion used to cover up political interests and conflicts? What can we do to protect people from religious discrimination and persecution?

Leo Igwe, human rights activist and sociologist, reports on children in East Africa who are accused of witchcraft, some of whom have been tortured to death.

Ahmed Nadir has learned the hard way what it means when secular activists face the wrath of radical islamists. While many of his companions have been murdered, he was able to flee from Bangladesh to Europe, but even here, he is exposed to attacks.

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken is the managing director of the non-profit organisation WADI. WADI focuses its charity activities on Northern Iraq, fighting against female genital mutilation and for education and human rights while opting for a direct and practical approach.

The panel debate will be presented by the President of the Open Religious Policy Forum, Sven Speer.

As a think tank, the Open Religious Policy Forum (FOR) investigates the political regulation of religion. Its experts advise governments, parliaments, religious congregations, and journalists. Among the locations where they spoke are Washington, D.C., Salt Lake City, Jerusalem, Beirut, Cairo, and Berlin. Institutionally independent, FOR relies primarily on membership fees and donations. It is non-partisan and non-denominational.